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Whitefish River First Nation

ANGA November VOTE

You can obtain a copy of the Anishinabek Nation Governance Agreement, the Anishinabek Nation Fiscal Agreement, and the Implementation Plan at www.governancevote.ca or by contacting your First Nation Ratification Officer.

Polling completed November 30, 2020
Total number of voters: 314 (42% showed)
Polling stations reporting: 2 of 2
Voting Method Number of Ballots
In person ballots 71
Mail-in ballots 81
Electronic ballots 162

Official Ballot Question

As an Eligible Voter of Whitefish River First Nation, do you: Approve the proposed Anishinabek Nation Governance Agreement and authorize the Ogiimah and Council to execute the Agreement

Option Administation Office - Council Chambers Mail In Electronic Total Votes
YES 73 0 72 145
NO 77 0 90 167
Spoiled 2 0 0 2
For more information or assistance in regards to this voting event please contact the Electoral Officer: