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Sheshegwaning Strategic Governance Plan Survey

Sheshegwaning is seeking your input to help our leadership identify and plan its law-making priorities which will be outlined in a document titled, “The Sheshegwaning Strategic Governance Plan”.

In 2022, leadership will seek input and approval from the Sheshegwaning membership to complete the following:

Trespass Law - The purpose of the Sheshegwaning Trespass Law is to protect the lands, health and safety of members and community. This was a priority once the pandemic hit. Also a priority due to instances of non-members accessing Sheshegwaning lands and engaging in unsustainable or dangerous activities.

Amendments to Education Law - Sheshegwaning’s Education Law has been in force since 2018. A Bill was developed (An Act to Amend Kinoomaagewin Naaknigewin) to amend the Education Law, primarily to provide a more robust framework for the Education Committee.

Election Law - The purpose of enacting an Elections Law is to take full control over your Elections process. Once enacted, the Indian Act election rules will no longer apply to Sheshegwaning. This allows for things such as setting terms of office for leadership beyond 2 years. Or Designing election procedures that reflect your community’s customs, practices, needs. For example: your election process could involve an Elders’ Council who makes certain decisions regarding new elections, review election results.

Water Law - The purpose of a Water Law would be to provide added protection for Sheshegwaning Waters beyond those provided by provincial or federal laws. Such a law could also set out specific terms on which Commercial Fishing and/or Aquaculture could be undertaken in your waters. Under the Law, Sheshegwaning could make rules or “regulations” addressing matters such as commercial fishing or aquaculture. Commercial Fishing Regulations set out the terms on which permits to fish commercially would be granted and enforced. Aquaculture Regulations: set out the terms on which permits to conduct aquaculture would be granted and enforced.

The Sheshegwaning Strategic Governance Plan seeks to take us beyond 2022….

What governance priorities are important to you and your family?

Please complete the survey on the next page…


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