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Shawanaga First Nation

HIWLP Transmission Line Lease on Shawanaga First Nation Land

The four (4) Land Laws proposed by Council

Polling completed September 30, 2017
Total number of voters: 70 (14% showed)
Polling stations reporting: 2 of 2
Voting Method Number of Ballots
In person ballots 0
Mail-in ballots 0
Electronic ballots 70

Are you in favour of the four Land Laws proposed by Council: Land Law 2017/18-001: The Shawanaga First Nation Land Laws Register Land Law 2017/18-002: First Amendment to the Shawanaga First Nation Land Code Land Law 2017/18-003: The Shawanaga First Nation Environmental Permitting and Protection Land Law for the HIWLP Transmission Line Land Law 2017/18-004: Special Lease Terms for the HIWLP Transmission Line Lease

Option Shawanaga First Nation Band Office Mail In Electronic Total Votes
Yes 88 0 54 142
No 29 0 16 45
Spoiled 1 0 0 1
For more information or assistance in regards to this voting event please contact an Electoral Officer:
Scott Jacobs (Ratification Officer)
  • Email: scott.jacobs@sympatico.ca