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Community Survey - Election Code 2022

April 14 - April 25, 2022

Question 1 - Council Term of Office

Context: Council currently has a two-year term of office, which is generally considered to be too short to achieve policy goals and there is a greater cost (time and resources) to MFN to hold an election every two years. The vast majority of First Nation Election Codes set a three or four-year term. The First Nations Elections Act (Canada) sets a four-year Council term. Please select your preference for the length of Council’s term of office:

Option Electronic Total Votes
Two (2) Years 2 2
Three (3) Years 9 9
Four (4) Years 9 9
Spoiled 0 0

Question 2 - Candidate Eligibility: MFN Employee

Context: If an MFN employee is elected to Council, the employee must resign from their job when they begin serving on Council. If Council’s term is extended for longer than two years, it will be challenging to save their employment position until their term is complete. This may limit MFN’s ability to recruit good employees if the position being filled is only temporary. Question: If a MFN employee resigns to serve on Council, should their position be saved for them when their term on Council is over?

Option Electronic Total Votes
YES 3 3
NO 17 17
Spoiled 0 0

Question 3 - Duration of Membership

Context: The 2013 Election Code requires that a candidate for Council have been a MFN Member for at least four years to qualify to run for Council. Council and the Governance Committee believe that Members/Voters should be allowed to decide if a candidate is sufficiently qualified and committed to MFN regardless of how long they have been a Member. Question – Should there be a minimum amount of time a person must be a Member to qualify as a candidate for Council?

Option Electronic Total Votes
YES 8 8
NO 9 9
Actually I would prefer the minimum qualification period to be this many years: 3 3
Spoiled 0 0

Custom Answers

Actually I would prefer the minimum qualification period to be this many years:

  • 1
  • 20 years
  • 2
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