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Trust Vote on Proposals 2018

Question 1 Do you approve the proposed “Application Guidelines II and Process” dated January 24, 2018, that authorizes the Trust to approve the spending of “revenue monies” as per the Trust Agreement, on projects and proposals contained within the Application Guidelines II and Trust Agreement?

Question 2 Do you approve of the recommended change to the Trust Agreement Section 2 – Definitions “Permitted Investments” that would allow up to 25% of the “Capital Account” book value to be invested in high-quality low-risk stocks as presented in the documents dated January 24, 2018? The investment to start at 15% and pending investment performance increase the investment up to 25% in the 3rd year.

Question 3 Do you approve the spending of $186,130 over a 5-year period ($37,226/year), “contingent on the availability of funding each year”, for the quarterly publication of the Smoke Signal as well as supporting the Community Library.

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For more information or assistance in regards to this voting event please contact the Electoral Officer: