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Kwikwetlem First Nation

Quick Survey - OneFeather Test Drive

Polling completed April 25, 2020
Total number of voters: 26 (31% showed)
Voting Method Number of Ballots
In person ballots 0
Electronic ballots 26
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Electronic Voting.

Chief & Council are planning on using electronic voting for the upcoming Land Code Vote. Would you like to see electronic voting used for Chief & Council elections in the future?

Option Electronic Total Votes
YES 24 24
NO 2 2
Spoiled 0 0

Land Code Question

We have been busy sharing information on the upcoming Land Code Vote with everyone in the community. What information would you like to learn more about?

Option Electronic Total Votes
3rd Party Interest on our Lands 18 18
Environmental Remediation 19 19
Taxation Impacts 17 17
Actually, I want to know more about: 2 2
Spoiled 2 2

Custom Answers

Actually, I want to know more about:
How money is being dispersed; payouts and payrolls.
What else more we can do for our members, mainly our Elders and those who live off reserve that want to return home.
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Communication & Engagement Queston

The administration shares important governance, administration and program information through various media. Which is your preferred method of receiving this information?

Option Electronic Total Votes
Direct Email 15 15
Newsletter (delivered or mailed) 2 2
Newsletter (email or online) 6 6
Community Meetings 0 0
I would prefer this option: 2 2
Spoiled 1 1

Custom Answers

I would prefer this option:
Email is fine for news letters, but if it is of any real importance ... I would like something tangible
Phone call
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For more information or assistance in regards to this voting event please contact the Electoral Officer: