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Kwikwetlem First Nation




The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (who are responsible for building and maintaining highways and roads) has adjusted the location of roadbeds at 9 locations within the Kwikwetlem First Nation’s traditional territory to improve road safety. Such adjustments usually improve visibility or reduce water pooling or straighten roads.

These adjustments created “land slivers” or small parcels of land. Typically, such slivers have little economic value to anyone, other than perhaps adjacent landowners, because they are very small and/or lack access and/or frontage. Land cannot be developed in a BC municipality unless it is accessible, fronts onto a street and is large enough to conform to zoning bylaws.

The Offer – The Benefits Agreement The Province of British Columbia and the BC Transportation Financing Authority wishes to enter into an agreement with Kwikwetlem First Nation (KFN) to acquire KFN’s interests in these 9 land slivers. They would like to dispose of these land slivers so that they no longer have to pay for the costs associated with them, so as paying property taxes and landscaping fees. Kwikwetlem First Nation has been offered, after negotiations, $429,900 for our interests in these 9 lands slivers.

We have prepared a short video to help you understand this offer and the voting options we are presenting to our membership. https://youtu.be/GqDCipKnMHA

For more information or assistance in regards to this voting event please contact the Electoral Officer:
Valerie Rosenthal
  • Phone: 16042174004
  • Email: valerie@kwikwetlem.com
  • 2-65 Colony Farm Road
  • Coquitlam
  • British Columbia
  • V3C5X9