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High Bar First Nation

Wellness Retreat property

Good afternoon members, I have asked council to consider the purchase of land for a wellness camp or retreat space for members. They are seeking member’s input. Please see my rationale for this request. I have been with HBFN for a number of years, through enormous growth and change. This year in particular has been isolating, financially challenging, and emotionally draining for most families. In my role as service coordinator, I am in the unique position of connecting with our members in a very personal way, outside of politics or business and they are hurting. What has always been missing is a sense of community, and over the years the disconnect has increased. My vision is a wellness camp/retreat. A place where all members are welcome. A place that we can host seasonal gatherings for youth, elders, and families. A place to learn and pass on traditional and cultural practices. A place where members can get a break from the world, bringing back the opportunity to be on the land. A place that the members can call their own. This is also an opportunity to include members in all aspects of the overall plan and development. We could do yearly projects such as community outdoor kitchen, fire pit with seating, the options are endless. All potential projects could be discussed around the fire or while preparing meals with input and suggestions from all ages. There is opportunity to teach construction skills to our youth and have them actually help to build the community they want their kids to inherit. Canoeing, fishing, swimming, sitting around the campfire knowing, year after year they can come back to the same place to share the same memories with their kids. I would suggest that we would have an onsite caretaker that would maintain the place, do repairs and also be the host for when people wanted to come and camp. Orienting them to the land and facilities. Ensuring the integrity of the buildings and equipment.
I have funding for recreational items such as canoes, archery equipment, aluminum boat, ice fishing supplies, snowshoes etc. This all supports the efforts and funding provided to us by First Nations Health and Indigenous services Canada. Members do we have your support? Please take the time to vote, make your voice heard. Kind regards, Trina

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