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2022 General Election and Trust Referendum

Notice is hereby given that the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw First Nations have called a Nomination Meeting on 7th March, 2022, in accordance with the GNN Custom Elections Code (2021), for the purpose of eligible Electors nominating four (4) candidates for the Office of Councillor, to be elected in the next Election on May 12th, 2022, for the ensuing three year term of office. Also: Trustees of the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw Hi’li’gam would like to inform members that the vote for the 2021 Hi’li’gam programs will be held on April 6, 2022 at the same time as the council election. The ballot will read: Do you approve of this expenditure by the trustees for these purposes?

Event Information

This event has finished.

The results for this event will be published soon.

Contact Your Electoral Officer

For more information or assistance regarding this event, contact the electoral officer here.