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Dokis First Nation

Election Code Survey Part 3 of 4

Polling completed May 30, 2022
Total number of voters: 194 (18% showed)
Polling stations reporting: 1 of 1
Voting Method Number of Ballots
In person ballots 0
Mail-in ballots 12
Electronic ballots 182


Candidate Fee - we are considering implementing a Candidate fee in our election code. Do you think each nominee should pay a non-refundable Candidates fee to run?

Option Mail In Electronic Total Votes
No 16 70 86
Yes, Dokis election code proposes $100.00 12 103 115
Other amount? 0 9 9
Spoiled 0 0 0

Employment while a Candidate

In your opinion, should a Band Director be able to candidate for Chief or Council while employed as a Band Director?

Option Mail In Electronic Total Votes
Yes 13 59 72
No 10 123 133
Yes 13 59 72
Spoiled 5 0 5

Candidate for only one office

Do you think an individual can run for both Chief and Councilor positions?

Option Mail In Electronic Total Votes
Can run for both positions at the same time 2 26 28
Must choose between Chief or Councilor 25 156 181
Spoiled 1 0 1

Voting Process

Currently, there is no internet voting allowed under the Indian Act or First Nations Elections Act. Should we include internet voting in our custom election code along with in-person and mail in voting?

Option Mail In Electronic Total Votes
Yes 16 162 178
No 10 20 30
Spoiled 2 0 2

Vacancy of office

Currently, a by-election is held in the event that the office of Chief or Councilor becomes vacant. How should vacancies be filled?

Option Mail In Electronic Total Votes
By-election 12 103 115
The candidate with the next higher number of votes in the last election 11 65 76
When should by-elects be mandatory? (i.e no by-election within 3 or 6 months of General Election) 4 14 18
Spoiled 1 0 1
For more information or assistance in regards to this voting event please contact the Electoral Officer: