Management Services

We offer critical services that help Nations become leaders in engagement, governance and wealth creation – now and for generations to come.

New! - Membership Management Tool

We’re proud to offer the only free First Nations membership management tool. Providing a secure and confidential, cloud-based system for managing member information, our OneFeather platform minimizes administrative strain and streamlines your communication. Generate voter lists, create mailing labels and communicate directly with your members – all from the convenience of your phone, tablet or PC.

Nation Governance

We help effectively blend traditional Nation values with the modern realities of self-governance and support Nations in working with their people, land, laws and jurisdiction, institutions and resources.


Financial Reporting and Management

We help Nations in their financial decision-making and day-to-day management as well as provide negotiation support in dealing with government and create agreements between Aboriginal communities and industry.

As someone that is traditionally trained and named and has worked extensively with our elders and understands the importance of our ancestral voices, I have an appreciation and respect for a way of life that is grounded in our First Nation values and principles.
Lawrence Lewis - Founder