Election & Referendum Services

With more than 20 years of elections management behind us, we have become leaders of First Nations elections administration and pioneers of electoral technology and best practices.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end voting management services that can be tailored to elections, referendums and ratifications. Whatever your electoral needs, we can help. Here are just some of the services we can offer you and your organization:

  • Provide the necessary platform for electronic voting
  • Prepare and mail all electoral communications and ballot packages
  • Appoint and supervise the deputy electoral officers
  • Conduct the nomination meeting and all polls
  • Supply a PO Box address for electoral mail and mail-in ballots
  • Supply a toll-free phone number for electoral questions
  • Experts in Custom, Treaty and Indian Act Elections & Referendums
  • Prepare official ballots and all necessary forms and schedules
  • Collect and safeguard all mail-in ballots for counting
  • Conduct the official ballot count, declare results and post notices
  • Supply an election manual and report after the election, referendum or ratification vote
  • Submit election report to AANDC/INAC or other governing body as required
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of all electronic votes
  • Provide the necessary services to audit all electronic votes
*All of our services are pursuant to and in accordance with the Code and CRP
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Lawrence Lewis – Founder

Past clients include:

Haisla Nation

Cowichan First Nation

Wet'suwet'en First Nation

Metlakatla First Nation

Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ First Nation

Dzawada’enuxw First Nation

Sucker Creek First Nation

Frog Lake First Nation

Muskeg Lake First Nation