Using OneFeather's Online Status Card Renewal Service

OneFeather will launch a new online Status Card renewal service in September 2019. This new service will make it easier, faster and cheaper to renew your Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS).

Using robust, industry-leading authentication and verification protocols, all SCIS forms are digitally submitted and then OneFeather takes over the process! Canada still issues the actual SCIS (Status Card) and mailing to the applicant.

The online renewal process is powerful and secure, yet easy to use. To help get you started, here are a few key features.

OneFeather Online SCIS Renewal Service Features

OneFeather's online SCIS renewal service is secure. It keeps your data safe and secure through device-based two-factor authentication. Typically, we rely on just a username and password to login into email or social media sites.

Two-factor authentication increases security by relying on an addition device besides your personal computer to login. A code is sent to or is generated by this second "trusted device", typically a smartphone.

Since you alone possess your trusted device, which provides the access codes needed to login to your OneFeather profile, it makes it almost impossible for your SCIS account to be compromised.

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With your OneFeather account, authentication codes are sent by SMS (text) to your phone. You can also install and use the Google Authenticator app on Android or iOS, which automatically generates codes to use when you login.

OneFeather's security features also allow you to download and save backup security codes. This means you'll be able to login to your OneFeather profile even if you lose or misplace the phone paired with your account.

Quickly and Easily Enter or Update Your SCIS Information

Once you're logged in, you can quickly and easily update your SCIS information. A dashboard walks you through an online form where you can add or update your name, address, contact information or details about family members.

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As well, machine learning is used to ensure your information is valid and accurate. For example, profile images are automatically checked for valid metadata and facial alignment, and valid expressions.

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Online renewal fee payment is processed through Stripe, and your GST exemption is observed at the time of payment.

With the admin dashboard, administrators can view and validate all group submissions, and can also request edits and updates from other users by sending custom messages and user notifications.

Watch an Online Status Card Renewal Video Walkthrough

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DISCLAIMER The OneFeather "Status Card Renewal" product is provided independent of any product interface or licence with Canada. Canada, nor CIRNAC / ISC, makes any warranty, either express or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness of this product for its stated particular purpose.

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