The power of possibility with OneFeathers’ E- Voting

OneFeather is a First Nation technology company, and a leader in electronic voting, vote management and member registrar technologies across Canada. With more than 20 years of elections management behind us, we are the leaders of First Nations elections administration and pioneers of electoral technology and best practices - deploying comprehensive, end-to-end voting management services that can be tailored to elections, referendums and ratification votes.

Electronic voting has become synonymous with the notion of reimagining how Nations across Canada interact with their governments, making nearly most of their voting decisions on the go via a computer, tablet or phone with the help of OneFeather technologies. Since 2014, OneFeather has allowed First Nations successfully to cast their votes in elections via a secure online portal system. Our digital solutions enhance member engagement, increase member participation in important governance and community decision-making.

Interestingly, with over 90 Nations we have worked with over the years, all populations have been represented in nearly all electronic votes in recent elections. This suggests that E-voting enjoys broad support not just among young digital native millennials, but across the societal spectrum, especially among those who, at least in our communities, are not typically viewed as early adopters of digital services.

Of course, one of the most common concerns regarding online voting is the potential security threats. The OneFeather platform is monitored 365/24/7, and has built in systems to ensure uninterrupted services, built in platform redundancies and multiple daily back up protocols, as well as triggers that automate interventions to halt suspicious or nefarious activities, probes or attacks.

Electronic voting offers immense potential to mobilize and empower communities while helping them practice their democratic right from their homes. Things like weather, working hours, geographical location of the polling stations, transport etc. are no longer relevant when planning an electronic voting event.

However, we are considerate and believe in the power of inclusivity. For those members in our communities who do not have access to a computer or who prefer old fashioned paper ballots can still vote by paper. Simply because at OneFeather electronic voting is an option, and a new tool to enhance member participating in your communities decision making.

Putting this all together, successful deployment of electronic voting over the years has been rising in recent elections, along with the novel security measures we have adopted, offers a powerful glimpse of the coming future of advanced digital governments within our communities.

“OneFeather is a great voting software and was easy to use. We were able to conduct our recent important community voting event at a fraction of the cost and in a shorter time frame, and clearly our members preferred it (over half voted electronically). We think OneFeather will be very helpful building member engagement and help Chief & Council determine mandate questions much more effectively”. - Heather Fader - CAO Shackan First Nation.

We have dedicated ourselves to helping Nations building from the past to get us to the future through technology and power to a digital vote. For more information and how to contact us click here

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