OneFeathers' Action on Security And Protection Of Data During An Electoral Process.

OneFeather is the only First Nation technology company providing secure, electronic secret ballot voting technologies, voting event management, and member registrar solutions designed and deployed specifically for the unique needs of First Nations in Canada.

We provide leading edge security technologies and data management architecture to ensure your secrecy of vote and member confidentiality. All data is protected within our robust security architecture, behind the best firewall technologies, encrypted to our Canadian-based servers and managed to specific data protect protocols. Multiple backups are maintained, and we never store member data or voting activities to external user devices for any purpose whatsoever.

OneFeather prides itself on maintaining a very clean user interface that allows eligible voters to complete the entire voting process in about 2 minutes. When the voting event is activated eligible voters are then provided an email with voting instructions, a link to the secure voting platform and their PIN. OneFeather uses a 4-step verification and authentication process to allow members complete their vote.

The electronic voting platform of OneFeather has a built in Verification Officer protocols. The Verification Officer can “see” everything that is happening and share in all critical communication exchanges between OneFeather and eligible voters but will not have access clearance to alter any voting event activities, processes, or voter’s lists.

OneFeather ensures that ineligible voters are blocked from voting in real time and have no access to the secure voting platform at any time. Repeated attempts by an ineligible voter, or unusual repeated failed voting attempts automatically trigger notification to our technicians for monitoring and intervention.

The OneFeather platform is monitored 365/24/7, and has built in systems to ensure uninterrupted services, built in platform redundancies and multiple daily back up protocols, as well as triggers that automate interventions to halt suspicious or nefarious activities, probes or attacks.

OneFeather has worked with over 70 Nations providing electronic administration of voting events, including Chief & Council elections, Treaty Settlement Votes, Land Code Votes and every type of Referendum imaginable. During the electoral process, we ensure the security and confidentiality of all electronic votes remain uncompromised.

Presently, we are working with Simpcw First Nation on the Office of Councillor and the Referendum Vote. The polling is ongoing up until May 6th. Please click here to register and vote.

Does your First Nation have an upcoming election? OneFeather can help make sure every member gets the opportunity to cast their vote in this important community decision. Contact us for more information.

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