OneFeather Member Registrar Tool

Did you know that OneFeather offers the only fully secure cloud-based First Nations membership registrar management tool in Canada?

Our cloud-based membership tool allows your First Nation to monitor the health of its member contact information, as well as ongoing community engagement. Members are able to update their own details, and for membership staff, our platform allows for multiple users with different levels of clearance to manage member list data.

With your OneFeather Member Registrar database you can manage community engagement, voting events, generate voter lists, create mailing labels, easily update member details at any time, keep track of engagement activities, and get metrics to improve member engagement and voting event participation. All from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer!

Member data can be downloaded easily for integration into other organizational management and accounting software, as well as filtered and sorted based on the search parameters of your choosing.

We provide the uttermost security and confidentiality. All data is protected within our robust security architecture, behind the best firewall technologies, encrypted to our Canadian-based servers and managed to specific data protect protocols. Multiple backups are maintained, and we never store member data or voting activities to external user devices for any purpose whatsoever.

To summarize, the key features of the OneFeather member registrar are:

___- Cloud-Based, Fully Encrypted & Secure _- Members Can Update Their Own Contact Information _- Fully Integrates with Your Accounting Software _- Use with our Community Engagement Tools & Community Voting _- Send Messages and Documents - Save Postage _- Immutable Profile Record of Every Member

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