Meet Grace - Our Newest Team Member

Meet Grace our newest team member. Grace is a communications specialist with experience in Media, PR, Marketing and Social Media Management has joined OneFeather as a Marketing & Operations Support. She brings onboard her passion in team project leadership, content writing and marketing through the use of new media platforms. In addition, Grace is working towards completing her Master's degree in International Communications at Royal Roads University with a key interest in Global Media, Politics and Diplomacy.

At OneFeather, we continuously dedicate ourselves in providing leading electronic voting and vote management technologies to First Nations in Canada. Currently, we are working the Tahltan & Iskut First Nations with their Land Code Community Ratification Vote later this month. This historic community ratification vote will shift the control and management of their reserve lands from the Federal Goverment to these First Nation governments - a major positive shift unltimately placing management of these lands with Members and their elected Leaders.

For more information about OneFeather, and how we may support your First Nation in important community decision making and electronic voting - Visit Our Website

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