At OneFeather We are About Growth

Meet Jessica, our newest team member. Jessica has joined OneFeather as Manager of Operations. She brings with her extensive administrative and operational experience. Also, a keen eye for strategic planning and execution. Jessica's previous roles with the Province of British Columbia have given her insight into public service and government organizations, processes, and operations management. Jessica has a passion for democratic institutions and the BC Tech ecosystem. At OneFeather, we are excited to have her join our team!

At OneFeather, we have worked with over 70 Nations in providing electronic administration through our electoral technologies. During the electoral process, we ensure the security and confidentiality of all electronic votes remain uncompromised.

Presently, the online voting for Iskut Band Council and Tahltan Band's Land Code votes are ongoing until March 4th! Iskut community members, please vote here. Tahltan community members, please vote here. Your vote your voice, let it be heard!

For more information about OneFeather, and how we may support your First Nation electoral process, please visit us at

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